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OLD: s3pe_13-0226-1754
« on: 03 March 2013, 10:53 »
This thread is for people wanting to test at the bleeding edge of development. If you're looking for the stable release, please switch to this thread.

Any questions regarding the behaviour of this release should be posted as replies below.

Bug reports for this version only in this thread, please!  (Bug reports for old versions, please report in the main s3pe support forum.)

s3pe_13-0226-1754.exe: Windows Easy Installer version

s3pe_13-0226-1754.7z: Unpack-It-Yourself version

Full change history:

Change Summary

Pick up latest library changes:

CASPartResource: New BONE Resource wrapper.  And fix BGEO to be actually a public class...
MTST: Add carLightsOff material state.
MATD: (for MTNF-type MATDs) Unknown1 and Unknown2 become IsVideoSurface and IsPaintingSurface respectively (changing type from uint to bool).
ShaderData: ShaderType gains Blueprint.
ShaderData: FieldType gains IsGenericBox, IsObject, IsPartition, IsFloor, StretchRect.
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